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Sip ‘N Sculpt! 


 with Caren Helm

Part 1 –participants will enjoy learning how to make a clay bowl and have fun carving, stamping and incising the finished the wet clay bowl.


Part 2-come back when your bowl has been fired to glaze it in the color of your choice.


Caren will fire it a second time and you can stop back in a few days to pick up your creation.


Part 1 & 2 –Above all…..laugh, fun, friendship will abound! Come and see what it is like to make something with your creative hands and gain an appreciation for the process.


B.Y.O.B.      adults only for these workshops, please

$35.00 all inclusive   

participants may not hop from group to group      

registration will remain open until the class fills…FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED 

if you are registering a group of friends, payment for each one must be made at registration time with questions or to register


Name of Session


Date of part A

Time of Part A

Date of Part B

Time of Part B

Cost of both Sessions

Yellow group

Pinch pot bowl making













Blue group

Pinch pot bowl making













Green group

Coil pot bowl making

Fri 10/19/18

1:30 – 3:30 pm

Fri 11/2/18

1:30 – 3:30 pm









Red group

Coil pot bowl making





















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 Sign me up for one of these  groups.      Circle one:    Yellow group    Green group      Blue group      Red group


   Payment must accompany registration:

(       ) cash            (       ) check         (       ) credit card List card information on reverse of this form, or e-mail this info


Mail to: Pizzazz, 647 Route 4A East, Fair Haven, VT 05743



Dates to be announced

UDU with PIZZAZZ!   Workshop

Make Music With A Pot Drum You Create from Clay


And Celebrate a Nigerian Tradition




Using clay – as well as your hands and your creative spirit - learn how to make a “udu,” a soulful drum with ancient Nigerian roots. No experience is required to learn how to create, by hand, a beautiful clay drum, over the course of four sessions at Pizzazz Pottery studio in Fair Haven.


 Several years ago ceramic artist Caren Helm, the owner of Pizzazz, fell in love with making udus after hearing one played. Udu means “vessel” in Igbo, a Nigerian language spoken by the tribe of the same name. The udu was originally made by the Igbo women to store water. A hole on the side of the pot allows water to be poured out. Over time, the people discovered that they could make a musical sound by tapping over the hole. Udus then became the traditional percussion instrument played at ceremonies and celebrations.


 Caren’s love of the haunting and beautiful sounds made by the udu led her to study and master the process of making them. Now she is offering a workshop in order to share the joy of hand-building this beautiful vessel.


 Caren will demonstrate step-by-step how to build your drum. She honors the drum-making process of the Igbo, and hopes students will also feel a connection to the history and tradition of the Igbo as they immerse themselves in it. There is something primal and soul-satisfying about using your hands to create a vessel that held such importance to a people, first, because it held water, and second, because it then was used to express emotion and to connect people.


 Each student will receive individual attention throughout the process. As noted, you do not have to have experience working with clay to enjoy this experience. As Caren says, “Only a spirit of experimentation and willingness to focus on the value and appreciation of this ancient process is needed!”


 The workshop includes three 3-hour back-to-back sessions. We will closely follow the primitive process of hand-building the clay, paddling it to the proper thickness with river stones, and hand-smoothing the surfaces. At the fourth and final session, students will fire their drums in a traditional pit kiln, using the same types of fuel used by the Igbo. As a way of further honoring the culture that produced this amazing vessel, the workshop will end by enjoying delicious Nigerian food and listening to traditional music, as a celebration of the process.


 Workshop Information


 Where: Pizzazz Pottery Studio is located at 647 Route 4A East, in Fair Haven, Vermont.  There are several B&B’s in the area. Request a recommended list on registration form.


 Who:  The workshop is for adults; high school students are welcome.


 Enrollment: Minimum: 2 students. Maximum: 6 per class.  If you would like to get a group of 6 together and have a private UDU workshop, please contact me for availability.


 When:  Session 1. Saturday, Date to be announced,  10 AM to 1 PM. Bring a lunch.


               Session 2. Saturday, date to be announced. 2 to 5 PM.


               Session 3. Sunday, Date to be  anounced,  1 to 4 PM.


               Session 4. Sunday,(genrally a week or two late) Date to be announced. 10 AM to 3 PM.


               There are no makeup classes for this workshop.


 Fees: $165 includes use of all tools, clay, firings and instruction. Must be pre-paid.


 What to Wear and Bring: Wear your biggest smile, and bring your sense of humor and your open mind! Wear old clothes and sturdy shoes. No open-toed shoes or sandals are allowed in the studio. Bring snacks and drinks, if you wish. Also, bring your camera! You may want to record the various stages of the development of your masterpiece. Please bring a towel for hand-drying and a hairdryer to speed dry the clay at certain stages. See below for additional things to bring to Session 4.




Session 1- Begin building your drum. Learn the ancient method of coiling, and pounding thin.


Session 2- Continue to build your drum. Join pieces, make the neck, cut the hole, incise designs.


Session 3- Finish your drum by burnishing and finger smoothing. If time permits, make the cradle.


Session 4- Fire and wax your drum, and then play your udu for a fun-filled closure to the workshop.  Bring your lunch and beverages, lawn chair and sunscreen to this session.



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Come Play with Clay
With potter/artist Caren Helm


  WHAT? Adults (high school age or older) on any skill level are welcomed. Working in clay is very therapeutic. It is rejuvenating and relaxing. The sense of accomplishment crosses generations and gender. Your lessons will be tailored to what you, personally want to learn. It may include hand building and/or wheel throwing. Hand building can include pinch, coil and slab methods. Students will make a variety of functional items. 35 lbs. of buff stoneware clay, glaze enough for the items created with the 35 lbs. of clay, kiln time and tools are included. (More clay, glazes and kiln time can be purchased if you would like to work L-A-R-G-E) Only lead free safe glazes used. No prior experience is necessary. Work at your own pace and challenge yourself a little more each week. Being able to critique your work with a light heart is required. Waiting list will be formed if class fills and you will be notified if space becomes available according to the postmark of your registration. Only one make up class available at convenience of Pizzazz.

Warning! Homework is given!...but always optional!


WHAT TO BRING & WEAR? Wear old clothes closed toed shoes. No flip flops or sandals are allowed in the studio. Wear a big smile, bring snacks and beverages if desired and an old hand towel to use for hand drying.

WHEN? Session A: To Be Announced        


              Session B: To Be Announced  

              (students may not hop from one set of classes to another)              

ENROLLMENT? Minimum 2 students/ maximum 6 students per class

FEES? Five 3 hour lessons for $280.     or       Five 3 hour private lessons for $415.

Fee includes instruction, clay, glazes and firings….everything!



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Exploring Your Creativity with PIZZAZZ!

A Dabbler Session for Adults


Have you ever wondered if you would enjoy working in clay?

 Or what’s the attraction to getting messing, dusty and caked with mud?

Have you daydreamed of making a pottery bowl and eating ice cream from it?

 Have you ever wished you could make a gift for someone?

Do you just need to do something solely for your own enjoyment?

 What: A  fun, face-paced two hour session to explore the idea of working in clay. Many adults sign up for this class and then go on to take the five formal lessons through the Come Play with Clay Program. Adult students will choose one of the following techniques: Pinching, Slabbing, or Coiling. (Note: there are no Dabbler Sessions on the potter’s wheel.) The students will then design and make a pot using their chosen technique.

When the project is dry the studio will fire it and you will come back to glaze it. The studio will fire it again and you will come to pick up your masterpiece. Voila! 

 Instruction: the instructor will give you a historical overview of your chosen method and show examples of finished ware.  A variety of studio tools and equipment will be used when demonstrating each method. One-on-One coaching will help the beginner student accomplish the project.

 Who: Please understand this session will be taught on an adult level. It is not designed for children. High school students are welcome.

 Enrollment: Minimum: 2 students, maximum: 6 per class.  If you get a group together-call me with your date and time. I will do my best to accommodate.

 When: Dates and Times to be announced

Fees: Prepaid fee is     $30. for 2 hour construction session 

                                       $  9. for up to 3 lbs of clay and all glazes

                                          $20. for 1 hour glazing session, and both kiln firings 

                                       $59. prepaid with registration        


What to Wear and Bring: Wear your biggest smile, your sense of humor and your open mind! Wear old clothes and sturdy shoes. No open-toed shoes or sandals are allowed in the studio. Bring snacks and drinks etc… if you wish. And if you dare…your camera! You may want to record the various stages of the development of your masterpiece.


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