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What’s new at Pizzazz?

2019 Winter/Spring Workshops, Lessons and Events Schedule


                                    PROJECT                     DATES                                          TIMES                                   FEE                 

(1)Date Night at Pizzazz    6 popcorn bowls      Thurs. Jan. 10 making             6pm to 8 pm                       $80. couple                                                                                  Thurs. Jan 17 glazing              6pm to 8 pm                                                    Grab your partner for a fun night making pop corn bowls using the pinching method. A great way to spend a chilly winter’s night together.


(2)I Made These Buttons!   buttons for knitters Sat Jan12 making               9 am to 11 am                        $28.                                                                                            & Sat. Jan 21 glazing           10 am to 11 am                                                    Calling all knitters who wished they could add their own buttons to their creations! Many, many buttons will result! All sizes, shapes and textures!


(3)Sip N Sculpt BYOB        2 decorative bowls            Mon. Jan 14 making               6 pm to 8 pm               $37.                                                                                                     Mon. Jan. 21 glazing               6 pm to 8 pm 

For adults 21 and older) Have fun using your creativity to make unique bowls using the pinch method of hand building. Yours will be like no others!


(4)Big Hands, Little Hands    decorative platter         Sun. Jan. 20                         1 pm to 2:30 pm         $45 per duo           

Uncles! Aunties! Grandpa! Mom! Babysitter! Grab your favorite child (age 8 and up, please) and come  play with clay together.  Help your child create a clay platter in the shape of a fish by rolling out clay, cutting and stamping it. A real keepsake. Children will choose the glaze color and Caren will glaze them.


(5)Come Play with Clay              6 weeks on the potter’s wheel -beginners only     6 pm to 9 pm               $340.                                                                        Tues 2/5, 12, 19, 26,  3/5, 12                                                                     

No previous skills required. This set of lessons is designed for the serious student who want to be proficient at throwing. Request more details.


(6)Date Night at Pizzazz  cooperative work!               Fri. Feb. 8 making                   6 pm to 8 pm               $80/couple                                                                                            Fri. Feb.15 glazing                   6 pm to 8pm

Can you work together? Can you collaborate? Try your skill at working together to make one large clay pot using the coil method of hand building.  Many laughs are promised! Excellent Valentine’s gift to one another.


(7)Advanced Hand Built Teapots                              Sun. Feb 10 making                1 pm to 4 pm               $58.                                                                                                    Sun. Feb. 17 glazing                1 pm to 3 pm

This workshop is for you if you have skills in pinching, coiling and slabbing, as well as PATIENCE! Don’t try this at home! No beginners please. Beautiful results you will be proud of. Please bring a hair dryer.


 (8)Big Hands, Little Hands  friendship jewelry    Sat. Mar. 2                         10 am to 11:30 am                 $50. a duo                   

Uncles! Aunties! Grandpa! Mom! Babysitter! Grab your favorite child (age 8 and up, please) and come play with clay together.  Help your child create oodles of pendants for their family and friends. Carving, stamping and drawing on the clay pieces will make each piece unique. Child will choose the glaze color and Caren will glaze them.


(9)Come Play with Clay         6 weeks on the potter’s wheel-advanced skills only 6 pm to 9 pm              $340.                                                                                                  Thurs. 3/14, 21, 28, 4/4, 11, 18                                                                      

This set of lessons is designed for the student who can center approximately 2 ½ to 3 lbs. of clay and possess all related skills. Advanced forms and techniques will be learned.  No beginners please. (Beginners-see course above)


(10)Sip N Sculpt BYOB           dish gardens/bonsai    Fri. Mar. 22                         6 pm to 9 pm              $32.                                              

(for adults 21 and older) Enjoy learning the slab method of rolling out clay and constructing a dish garden for green plants, herbs, seedlings or a bonsai. Caren will glaze your dish garden in the color glaze you choose.


(11)Date Night at Pizzazz   2 patio lanterns               Sun. Mar. 24 making               2 pm to 5 pm              $80/couple                                                                                            Sun. Mar. 31 glazing               2 pm to 3:30 pm

Couples will each create a 6 x 6 x 6 patio lantern with a decorative top using the slab method of hand building. Summer is coming!


(12)Ukrainian Egg Decorating                                   Sat. Apr.13                              9 am to 5 pm               $79.                                              

This workshop is not using clay at all! ( Caren just loves to teach this historical folk craft.) Students will learn the ancient skill of waxing and dying eggs. Stop by to see examples! They are intricate and stunning! Supply list of household items to gather will be sent when registered. These eggs make beautiful keepsakes. Fee includes a $30. starter kit to continue at home.


(13)Sip N Sculpt BYOB           coil vessels                  Mon. Apr. 15 making                           6 pm to 9 pm              $37.         (for adults 21 and older)                                             Mon. Apr. 22 glazing                            6 pm to 8 pm

Do you remember rolling out “snakes” of clay in grade school? This workshop takes that skill to a new level. Students will make a  one-of-a-kind  bowl, jar, vase or free form vessel. The sky is the limit on size and shape. The finished piece will reflect your creativity and personality.


(14)Sip N Sculpt BYOB           treasure boxes            Sat. Apr. 27 making                6 pm to 8 pm               $40.                    (for adults 21 and older)                                             Sat. May 4 glazing

Boxes can be useful, decorative and mysterious. Each student will arrive with an idea they wish to create. Boxes will be 6 x 6 x 6 with or without a lid-time permitting. Create a garlic keeper, a trinket box, a recipe box, tea or coffee caddy, votive holder …start thinking now what you will make.


 More detailed information on each workshop:

Private groups? No dates available. Sign up soon to reserve enough spaces in one of these classes.

Stop by anytime to see examples of these projects.

Refunds will be given a gift certificate for workshops or retail pottery available at the studio.


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