Functional Stoneware Vermont Pottery

About The Process & Care

Each Piece Made By Hand

Please know that each piece you purchase has been made by hand. This accounts for the approximate measurements and the glaze treatment. Some have been made on the potter’s wheel and some have been crafted using only my hands. The clay I work with is a stoneware body which is very durable and is dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe. My glazes are all food safe and contain no lead or toxic substances. These pots are 100% safe for cooking, serving and storing food. If your pot has been refrigerated or frozen, be sure to let it stand at room temperature and raise the oven temperature slowly.

Look For The Potter's Mark

Be sure to look for my potter’s mark on each piece of pottery you purchase. A potter’s mark is a signature symbol which potter’s in history stamped on each piece to their credit. I decided to resurrect this tradition rather than scrawl my entire name of every pot. My mark reflects the joy and energy I put into the pot as well as the joy I feel when it’s finished. It describes jumping up and clicking my heels together in joy. As in the drawing illustrates, the circled portion became my mark.

About our Process