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Where Does The Energy Come From?

We work hard to bring you functional pieces as well as sculptural ones. We collaborate on new designs and sketch out our ideas for sharing long before it hit the store shelves. Stop by the studio when you are in the area. Watch us work and join the fun. We may have The Doors, ZZ Top, the 50’s and 60’s or Mozart to work by. There is plenty of Pizzazz to go around!

But seriously, being an artist I see the world as a series of potential art experiments. Sometimes it translates to a painting, a collage, a pot or a poem. I enjoy not being boxed in as simply a potter. Although my passion is for clay, I could never turn away from my creative spirit in another medium. I enjoy working in paper collage using my own hand made paper, fabrics, fibers, pastels and oils.

I was schooled in ceramics at Notre Dame College in Manchester, New Hampshire where I was fortunate to study under Armand Szainer and Gerry Williams. Currently I teach Ceramics and other art courses at the Community College of Vermont in Rutland and work in my clay studio to produce pots for you. My pots can also be purchased wholesale and locally from gift shops as well as by appointment at my studio in Fair Haven, Vermont.  The gallery gigs are always changing and my sculptures can be seen in France and Germany.  I currently belong to Vermont Crafts Council, The Potters Council, The American Ceramics Society, International Ceramic Artists, Fair Haven Art Club, Poultney Artist Guild,  Chaffee Art Center, The Barn Gallery, Vermont Farmers Market and the Lakes Region Farmers Market.

Working with Head, Heart and Hands
Not only do my potter hands create, sustain and release energy into the world but they work with the same energy to sustain, elevate and bring joy to a world which suffers, struggles and searches for energy to renew and sustain life. For the past  13 years I have been a Rotary International volunteer with the Hands to Honduras project, a humanitarian effort born out of the devastation of Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Yearly projects include repairing homes, building schools and medical clinics, teaching literacy and personal hygiene as well as installing water filters in Honduran homes. I have been fortunate to be able to use my hands to help build or improve  8 schools, install water filters in several cliffside villages and assist the medical team in treating children and adults with a myriad of illnesses. And this year, I was fortunate to part of a Rotary medical mission team for three weeks in Cambodia and Viet Nam. I learned that my presence, smiles and loving touch can be just as effective as the work we did. I love my hands, my head and my heart for the good work they produce. And just recently I have decided to volunteer, again with my hands and my heart, on a project to aid in the prevention of sex trafficking in 81 countries. Dress a Girl Around the World is another example of how blessed I am with energy and skill sets to elevate and bring joy to others.

People who use their hands are called laborers.
People who use their head and their hands are called craftsmen.
People who use their hands, their head and their heart are called artists.

— St. Francis of Assi

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